Rouien-2 Biopesticide


Environmentally safe with all natural ingredients;
Reduces soil-borne disease;
Reduces need for chemical fungicides;
Increased yield due to biocontrol of diseases and PGPR activity;
Reduces shipping cost.

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Manufacturer: Green Biotech Inc. Ltd.

Safety Classification: Bacillus thuringiensis strain AzLp utilized in this product are
classified as BioSafety Level 1 organisms. This is the safest rating. Additionally, the

bacterium is:
1. Naturally occurring- bacteria, not genetically engineered.
2. Non-Pathogenic, does not cause disease

Ingredients: Bagasse, Perlite, Bacterial culture, Water.

Organisms: This product contains the following bacterial strain:
Bacillus thuringiensis Krustaki strain AzLp, 107 – 108 CFU/gr

Physical Shape: Moisten powder, Steamed-sterilized packaging.

Appearance and Odor: Light brown & slight organic odor

Registered uses: For all agricultural products (crops, trees and greenhouse plants)

Storage stability: The shelfing life of this product is six months.

General description: This product is a bio-pesticide designed for all agricultural
purpose, all types of crops and trees that target a wide range of pathogenic fungi.

Mode of action: This product contains the above bacterial strain that mainly produce
an endotoxin named CRY1ab as well as several other CRY1 proteins which triggers
apoptosis leads to cell lysis.

Efficacy confirmation: Shown in several lab experiments and field trials.

Description of the production process

1¯Preparing Primary cultureBacteria on plate
2¯Preparing Secondary cultureBacteria in liquid medium
3¯FermentationBacteria in liquid medium
4¯Mixing with careerWet powder
5¯PackagingPackages of product
6¯Quality controlsMicrobial, chemical and physical properties


Quality Assurance: This product is quality controlled in an ISO17025 accredited lab for the following:

In-line quality control

Evaluated itemQuality parameters Time of control
Bacterial cultureBacterial CountBefore and after inoculation, and then, every 2 hours up to the end of fermentation
Bacterial cultureChecking for possible contaminationBefore and after inoculation, and then, every 2 hours up to the end of fermentation
Bagasse and PerlitMoistureBefore mixing with bacterial culture


Final product quality control:

Quality parameters  Periodical  control
Bacterial countsFirst day, first week and every month for 6 month
Checking for possible contaminationFirst day, first week and every month for 6 month
Monitoring in the fieldsCollecting data from farmers


Safety and biosafety concerns:

Safety parameters Declared classification
Bacterial classificationBiosafety Level 1 organisms
Genetically modified organismsNone, 100% percent naturally occurring bacteria exist in soil
Heavy metalsNil
Radioactive materialNot applicable
ToxicityNon-toxic, non-allergenic
Salmonella  Negative
Fecal ColiformNegative
Coagulase-positive staphylococciNegative
Beta-hemolytic streptococciNegative


Impurities: In all quality control steps after production, this product is tested for not more than 10% bacterial contaminations that are not neither antagonist nor pathogenic.


Biopotency: Based on field trails it is upto 100 percent depending on types and strains of the targeted fungus.


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